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Simple care is the key
to long-lasting use.

How to take care of magnetic eyelashes by Monique Rosher?

Magnetic eyelashes by Monique Rosher may be used with your normal cosmetics and they might get stained accidentally. You don't have to worry about this as they are super easy to clean.
Don't worry, you can clean your magnetic lashes with micellar liquid (make-up remover). BUT REMEMBER!
The product you use must be oil-free otherwise the magnetic property may be impaired.

If you happen to stain the hair of the magnetic eyelashes with the eyeliner, you can also clean it with the same cosmetic (NO OILS!) due to its water resistant - and not waterproof - properties.

Micellar liquids (make-up removers) with oil content are mainly used to remove waterproof cosmetics and will impair the magnetic properties of your Monique Rosher eyelashes.

Here are four simple steps for cleaning magnetic eyelashes:

  1. Immediately after removing the magnetic eyelashes from the eye, remember to put them back in the box so as not to expose them to contamination. Wash your hands and pick up one of the lashes, leaving the other in the box.
  2. Position your hands in the same way as shown in the photo:
    1. place the eyelash on the ring finger so that the magnets point towards you.
      *Remember, the lashes must point downwards, as shown in the photo.
    2. lightly hold the lash with your thumb tip, just before attaching it to the strip. The purpose of this is to immobilise it during cleaning, and at the same time not to disturb the structure of the lash itself.

*Remember to be as delicate as possible throughout the entire process, so as not to damage the lash structure.


Tips for holding the lash with your thumb:
The larger the area of your thumb holding the hair, the more stable the eyelash is in your hands and the less exposed to damage during cleaning. Therefore, we recommend holding the lash while cleaning, as shown in the photo.

3. Place a moistened thin cotton bud (slightly moistened with oil-free micellar liquid for eye make-up removal) to the magnet and clean the magnets with gentle upward movements. It’s important to clean only the flat surface of the magnets and not the side of the eyelashes.

*Remember to always clean using an upwards motion. We also recommend cleaning with the side of the bud. Following these rules will save you having to clean the eyelashes from small cotton residues unnecessarily. Thanks to this, any hair that remains after using the bud can be easily removed with your fingertip.


If you notice that the bud is too wet, just change it. The same applies if you notice there’s too much eyeliner residue on the buds. In this case, also change the bud with a new one.

4. Done, with every stroke of the bud moistened with oil-free micellar liquid (for make-up removal) your eyelash is getting cleaner without losing any of its properties, so that you can enjoy wearing every day!


*Remember only use your fingertips throughout the entire cleaning and holding process, so as not to damage the eyelashes with your nails, for example. Using your fingernails while cleaning may damage the magnets and they might detach later. We know from experience that it’s hard for the magnets to fall off, but we would like the eyelashes to serve you as long as possible, so remember that the entire process should be very delicate.


When should I clean Monique Rosher’s magnetic lashes?

The answer is very simple. When a large amount of eyeliner accumulates on the magnets.
*Remember you don’t have to clean after every use for fear that the lash will not stick.

Also remember not to “scrape” the eyeliner off the magnets and not to use force. The movements used to clean the lashes should always be gentle.

What if not all of the eyeliner residue comes off?
No biggie! It’s important not to leave a thick layer of eyeliner on the magnets. The eyelashes will stick anyway.
* The substance in the eyeliner also attracts itself, i.e. if there is some eyeliner on the magnets, the new line will stick anyway.

The whole process, as you can see, is very simple, but remember to be as gentle as possible.

We have designed the eyelashes to be durable to wear and to clean, but remember to handle them with a feminine touch.