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An evening out with friends? A date or any other special occasion?
NO.01 and NO.06 will make you shine.
A look to stand out from the crowd? Elegant cat's eyes?
NO.02 and NO.03 will be perfect.
A "homely" everyday model?
NO.04, yes that's the one.
And when we want to slightly tweak this "homely" model and add a dash of flirtatiousness?
NO.05, at home and to go out.

Will the eyelashes be too big for me?

Even if you have very small eyes, you don’t have to worry that the lash strip will be too long for you. Each lash has 5 magnets attached to the strip. When the lash strip is too long, just cut it off and voilà 😉

How to remove magnetic eyelashes by Monique Rosher?

It’s a piece of cake. All you need to do is grab the outer part of the lash strip with your fingertips and slowly start to peel it off. The whole process is painless and, as you can see, also very simple.

Can magnetic lashes by Monique Rosher harm my natural lashes?

Absolutely not!
Your safety is my priority. Neither the lashes nor the eyeliner will harm your natural lashes.

How to clean magnetic eyelashes by Monique Rosher?

Click HERE and check for yourself how simple it is.

How long can I use magnetic lashes by Monique Rosher?

The eyelashes can be used from 1 to even 3 months. It all depends on how well you take care of them.

Remember to purchase the eyeliner that goes with these eyelashes. It comes in a 7 ml bottle, which is quite a lot. It will last you much longer;)

How many models is smiling at you?