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You have come to a place

where ecology is consistent with modern beauty.





Guided by practical use and care for the environment, I use artificial mink hair to make my magnetic eyelashes,
characterised by superior durability, softness and flexibility.

Durability – eyelashes made of this material are very durable. This material got top marks in the tests carried out. It’s also about attaching the lash to the strip. The eyelashes are firmly attached and don’t fall off, so they retain their proportions, which was crucial for me in everyday (and occasional) use.

Softness – the artificial hair I use is very soft to the touch. It also adds naturalness to the eyelash, thanks to which the magnetic eyelash doesn’t look artificial, even with more accentuating models.

Flexibility – it’s about matching the hairs to our natural lashes. The hairs of the eyelashes are very flexible and blend with our natural eyelashes, which gives the effect of consistency. The thickness that was used to create the eyelashes corresponds to the thickness of our natural hair, thanks to which the eyelashes easily fit into our natural ones, and putting them on becomes even easier.

Responsible beauty is the key for me, and I want to convey this to you.