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Lashes You Will Love


Feel the model,
perfect for you.


Pick a model that suits you. Fall in love with your new look and see for yourself how it works.


YOU know exactly what you need. Select the “lightness” that meets your needs and in any case don’t feel the lash itself, but its effect.


Be at one with the model you choose. The new look should be consistent with you and make a perfect match with your natural lash line.

Visible difference

This is the purpose of all my models. See and feel the difference on your own terms.

Custom fit

The model is supposed to fit you. You should feel the best and it should also fit the best.

Which model to choose?

The perfect model for you.<br>
An effect you'll love.
In my desire to match the best model for you, I've divided them according to the effect they make. You can find short descriptions to help you choose the perfect model for you. I designed each of them to work.<br>
They should not only grab attention but also touch hearts and souls. Their job is to pierce, yours is just to choose the final result.

Here are the final results, which one do you fancy?

Light accentuating effect

If you just want to slightly highlight your natural eyelashes. Tasteful emphasis to add a little extra to everyday life, noticeable but still natural.


We highlight what nature has bestowed on us and we thank her for that.


A slight difference, but already noticeable.

With taste

The eyelashes accentuate your beauty and add a touch of charm.

Short hair will give your natural eyelashes some density. Thanks to their natural curl angle, the hairs will perfectly match your natural lashes.

Light thickening, naturalness

More about the NO.04 model

Similar to model NO.04, but the hairs are one millimetre longer. The difference also lies in the slightly curled angle of the hair, which directly affects your gaze.

Slight thickening and curling of the hair angle, naturalness.

Optical enlargement of the eye line effect

The optical enlargement of the eye line is for those of you who want to optically extend their line of sight. So, it gives the look a new expression that can't be ignored.


It allows us to open our gaze more.


The corners of the eyes become optically enlarged


This feature is felt by those around you. You will see their reaction.

The hairs are arranged so that every 4th is slightly above the natural lash line. Our lashes seem a bit thicker, and the elongated hairs create an effect that I’m proud of.

Thickening the natural lash line, adding emphasis with every 4th lash being longer, optically lengthening the line of sight.

Styled in the same taste as model NO.03, but its “sticking” hairs are slightly shorter. Perfect for small eyes or those of you who want to keep this effect, but with more naturalness.

Thickening the natural lash line, adding emphasis with every 4th lash being longer, optically lengthening the line of sight.

A flirtatious effect

For those of you who want to cast a spell with your gaze. These models are made for the game we women know how to play.


The gaze is different and fascinating to other eyes.


We add a touch of mystery to our eyes.


For our game we know so very well.

The unique arrangement of the hairs makes this model unique. Optically, it not only enlarges the eye line, but is also uniquely eye-opening.

Thickening the natural lash line, adding emphasis with every 4th lash being longer, optically lengthening the line of sight.

A perfectly match for your natural eyelashes. Slightly lighter than the NO.02 model, but just as effective. In a different way though, because this model is characterised by slightly curled hairs.

Slight thickening and curling of the hair angle, naturalness.

Evening look effect

For those of you who want to accentuate your eyelashes when going out on the town, to a party or other special event. They are also for those of you who want to accentuate your gaze a bit more.


More accentuated natural lash line.


You will feel the admiration and curiosity of others around you.


Even though these are my more accentuating models, they still gracefully match your natural lashes.

A real eye-opener, thanks to slightly longer hairs starting from the inner corner. Dimensionally similar to the model below, but differing in a long hair structure along the entire length of the lash strip.

Evening make-up, longer hair structure along the entire length.

In contrast to model NO.06, this model begins with significantly shorter hairs in the inner corner of the eye increasing in length towards the outer corner of the eye.

Stronger accentuation, increasing hair length.

First impression effect

If you have never dealt with false eyelashes before, I would like to recommend you something to get you started.


Slightly curled hairs that still blend perfectly with your natural lashes.


Many effects in one model.

For various occasions

For home, for going out, for work. You decide - it does the job.

Unique, because it works in every situation. So, this is the perfect beginning for your false eyelashes adventure.

For you.

Some answers to help you choose

I have a drooping eyelid, is every eyelash for me?

You don’t have to worry. In this case, it’s important to open your eye more, so the lashes can’t be too short.
Look at the models from the effect that suits you best, you can choose any one of them. With a drooping eyelid, I only advise against the model NO.04, as this model will not open your eye like the rest of the models because of the very short hairs.

I wear glasses, will my eyelashes interfere with them?

It all depends on the distance between your eyes and the glasses. In this case, I would recommend lashes that have a light highlighting effect.

Will the eyelashes be too big for me?

Even if you have very small eyes, you don’t have to worry that the lash strip will be too long for you. Each lash has 5 magnets attached to the strip. When the lash strip is too long, just cut it off and voilà 😉

How to remove magnetic eyelashes by Monique Rosher?

It’s a piece of cake. All you need to do is grab the outer part of the lash strip with your fingertips and slowly start to peel it off. The whole process is painless and, as you can see, also very simple.

Can magnetic lashes by Monique Rosher harm my natural lashes?

Absolutely not!
Your safety is my priority. Neither the lashes nor the eyeliner will harm your natural lashes.

How to clean magnetic eyelashes by Monique Rosher?

There’s an entire side article devoted to this subject. Click HERE and check for yourself how simple it is.

How long can I use magnetic lashes by Monique Rosher?

The eyelashes can be used from 1 to even 3 months. It all depends on how well you take care of them.

Remember to purchase the eyeliner that goes with these eyelashes. It comes in a 7 ml bottle, which is quite a lot. It will last you much longer;)

Gdzie mogę kupić rzęsy magnetyczne i eyeliner magnetyczny od Monique Rosher?Where can I buy the magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner by Monique Rosher?

All you have to do is click the store button at the top of the page or click HERE.

f you place your order today, we ship the next day at the latest. The package only needs 2-3 business day to reach you.
Simple and fast, so that you can enjoy your new look as soon as possible!

Eyelash model comparison on the eye

Check all models easily on one page.

Check it out and fall in love with your new look