Eyelash applicator


Even easier eyelash application thanks to the new magnetic eyelash applicator.



Even easier putting on magnetic eyelashes

Putting on magnetic eyelashes by Monique Rosher is very simple.
Draw a line, wait for it to dry and bring the eyelash to the eye line – DONE!

If you care about maximum eyelash hygiene, we present you a new applicator. It is with it that you pull your magnetic eyelash by the hair and put it on the eyelid of the eye. Thanks to it, you can be sure that you will not damage the eyelashes with your nails when removing it from the box, and it will make it even easier for you to apply eyelashes and remove them from the eyelids.

  1. Draw a line with eyeliner
  2. Wait for it to dry
  3. Grab the magnetic eyelash from Monique Rosher with your new applicator (remember to grab the hair from the outside)
  4. Put on the eyelash
  5. Ready!

The new applicator will make it easier for you to apply eyelashes thanks to greater stabilization during the entire operation.

ps. On the other side there is a brush with which you can comb your lashes after application. 2 in 1 !

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